let there be light!

well the body got done being jammed, first time seeing the color on large panels. simply breath taking.

USPS decided to leave my intercooler sitting on the front door of my house for 6 hours before i got home…..

love car parts like a fat kid loves cake.

jams are ready.

Just a couple shots using the canon 24-70mm 2.8

just a shot i took at my friends coffee shop, everyone go visit tullys on gilbert and rosecrans! pretty good if i may say.

decided to fatass around with fany. and this is what we ended up with.

heres a little distraction from my lack of updates.

and thats how the cookie crumbles.

SOOO i came to another bottle neck with my car… it was the paint this time!
one paint scheme was too flashy to drive around.. the other was too old to find and this time we have the AMRG vs DBR9RG… ones lighter than the other but we shall see once the paint samples come in.


just a little something for all of you who are wondering what im up to…

FUCK tmobile.

i be fuckin with your carrrrr.

playing with cards

can anyone guess what size the wheels are?? (:

what you know about this, SON.